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Healthcare integration

Transforming Healthcare for Everyone

The US Performance Center is focused on creating partnerships across North Carolina to use healthcare innovations to benefit the general public. By collaborating with academic health centers and healthcare providers, USPC is launching patient research studies to test methods and models on a broader scale. An important goal for USPC is to become a nationally-recognized force for transforming healthcare and reducing the insurmountable cost in the United States.
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Stroke Recovery

USPC’s innovations in treating the varieties of athletic injuries are effective recovery tools for patients with life-changing physical trauma, such as strokes. These proprietary technologies assist in accelerating rehabilitation and improving quality of life.
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Behavioral Health

Achieving peak physical condition is a key factor in an athlete’s success, but equally important are self-confidence, a positive mindset, and a balanced outlook. The US Performance Center’s training programs are designed to not only enhance physical fitness but also to foster mental health and emotional well-being, ensuring our athletes excel in all aspects.

Injury Prevention

The US Performance Center conducts intensive research on the prevention and treatment of injuries. Proprietary assessment technologies and innovative systems uncover potential problems before they materialize, and enable staff members to develop customized maintenance plans that prevent injuries and lower the overall cost of care.
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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a crucial process for high performance athletes recovering from musculoskeletal injuries or surgeries. USPC emplyes tailored therapies and exercises to restore strength, mobility, and function, ensuring patients can return to their daily activities safely and effectively.