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Located in Charlotte, North Carolina

At USPC, we embrace a holistic method in high performance, combining advanced technology and tailored nutrition plans to craft personalized training programs. These programs are scientifically designed to maximize each athlete’s physical capabilities. Our comprehensive development services cater to a wide spectrum of athletes – from youth to elite professionals.

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Our Evolving Mission

The US Performance Center works directly with partners throughout the healthcare industry to introduce our novel research, technologies, and rehabilitation protocols into their care delivery procedures. Though developed for elite athletes, these technologies hold tremendous promise for all.

With our next-generation Human Performance Research Institute—located on the University of North Carolina’s Charlotte campus—USPC is rethinking healthcare for the 21st Century—from advances in precision medicine, genomics, nutrition, and psychology to groundbreaking treatments for stroke and spinal cord injuries.

We’re building a powerful foundation for medical innovation in North Carolina, designed to create positive healthcare impacts that will reduce public costs, increase access to underserved populations, and improve outcomes for patients across the state and throughout the US.

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Our Purpose

USPC’s long-term mission is to create a community of athletes united in the common goal of reaching their full potential in human performance, health and wellness. We look forward to the new developments on the horizon as we expand our vision through partnership and collaboration.


The United States Performance Center is led by a highly experienced group of professionals unified by a rich history and legacy in high performance sports, a passion for creating advancements in sports science and a desire to impact the community through creative events.

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