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Economic Impact

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A Mission with Real Impact

The United States Performance Center (USPC) is well-positioned to become the nation’s premier sports sciences and research facility, and to make North Carolina a major hub for US National Teams/National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs). This has a tremendous economic impact on the state across a variety of metrics, including Job Creation, Tourism, Events and Public Health.

With the nation’s largest Olympic training and residency campus, other athletic organizations are encouraged to relocate to the state and bring further development to the area. USPC attracts more elite athletes, activities, and events to the state to take advantage of our innovative approach to building peak athletic performance.

Exciting Opportunities for Growth

The US Performance Center’s mission provides immediate, across-the-board economic benefits to the State of North Carolina contributing to state, county, and municipal economies by…

  • Presenting a broad variety of sports- and health-related programs for the public.
  • Partnering with in-state providers of goods and services to keep the center operational.
  • Generating new taxes and spending from USPC workers and athletes.
  • Driving new industry standards for athletic tourism.


USPC also generates substantial economic activity by hosting various national and international athletic events and US National team exhibitions, which attracts considerable tourist and media attention, and makes North Carolina a more attractive destination for out-of-state athletes and fans of sport.

Additionally, the medical research and scientific innovations being developed by USPC have major ramifications beyond elite athletics. By partnering with state universities and healthcare systems, the US Performance Center can make North Carolina an important international center for the transformation of healthcare for the general population.

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Job Creation

USPC is contributing positively to the local economy by creating numerous high-quality job opportunities, by attracting professional talent to the area and offering a range of roles. Beyond full-time positions, we’re committed to nurturing future professionals in athletic science through diverse internship programs, designed to give students and recent graduates a valuable head start in their exciting career paths.

Athletic Tourism

USPC’s top-tier events annually draw hundreds of thousands of participants, visitors, and tourists to North Carolina, significantly boosting local tourism. This influx not only enlivens the cities and towns hosting these events but also has a tangible, positive effect on economic growth across the state.

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Events & Tournaments

The US Performance Center hosts a wide variety of sporting events, from combines and talent-identification camps to exhibitions and tournaments. These events are a major component of community outreach and education opportunities, which bring awareness to topics such as health and wellness, human performance, and social equity to enhance the quality of life for North Carolinians.

Public Health

From precision medicine, genomics, nutrition, and psychology to groundbreaking treatments for stroke and neurological injuries, USPC is a force in modern healthcare, a valuable partner for innovation with state universities, and a magnet for local investment by other healthcare organizations wanting to connect with the important medical research the USPC is conducting.
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